Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The protocols of life

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
I believe that some of you guys are getting sick of the usual protocols in your life. You'll wake up (and do the necessary things at home), go to work, work some more, go home and sleep. Most of us feels so tired of these things, but has no choice to change it. Sometimes we attempt to go against these "protocols of life" but mostly ends up doing the usual "protocols" instead.

This futile attempts always lead us to more boring and frustrating segments in our life

I myself leads a simple life. A man who has recently lived independently. I pay for my food, my laundries and the house rentals. I usually go to work in the morning and go home at night. And i have been doing it for more than a year already. Im getting tired of doing these things but i have no choice... I promised my dear mother that "I can live on my own"

Talk about pride and selfishness...

If this company has a bright future, I think ill love to stay here for good. I love my job but i hate the people around me. I can only count the people who are truly dependable in this company. I know you would say "Why won't you leave now?". I been thinking about it already... Its just that i love this job that's why i cant leave yet....

Maybe Im just getting tired of my life. I had made so many disappointing things in my life. I have this so-called job now but Im starting to hate my job. I don't want to add this to my disappoinments in my life. I just want to do something different, something refreshing. Maybe one of these days Ill leave this company. Somebody please teach me to be contended with my life..... I